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Evolutionary Astrology is soul-based astrology. It is an astrological orientation and methodology of interpreting the natal chart through the lens of the Soul.

The premise is that we each carry a Soul within us that is evolving over lifetimes. Through this method, we can gain insight into where our Soul has been, where it is in this current lifetime, and where it ultimately wants to evolve. The path of the Soul is interpreted through focusing on the placement of Pluto and the Nodes of the Moon in the natal chart. This in-depth lens helps to uncover, “Why am I here and what are my lessons?” It brings consciousness to patterns, habits, wounds, and gifts you possess so that you can align with your Soul’s purpose. 

“As above, so below,

as within, so without, as the universe,

so the soul.”

- Hermes Trismegistus 

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